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Cosmetic Market Main Battlefield To Home

At present, the international cosmetics brands have issued their own report on performance in China. Reports indicate that these cosmetic brand squeeze by the domestic cosmetics brand, performance decline is obvious.The rise of the domestic cosmetics manufacturers, changing the cosmetics market, cosmetic packaging manufacturers also market structure and business ideas have undergone great changes.
The past, because of the limited domestic cosmetics market share, price quality to the market are relatively low, so cosmetic packaging manufacturers orders for a large part of the main aim of the international market, export-oriented, many cosmetic manufacturers through the exhibition to win orders for foreign manufacturers, business strategy but also for the international market. The rise of domestic cosmetics manufacturers now market, market share continues to increase, for cosmetic bottles orders continued to rise. Therefore, domestic cosmetic manufacturers now need to transform business ideas, devote more attention to domestic cosmetic market, for the domestic market for cosmetic packaging development and design.

In future, domestic cosmetic market will be the main battlefield of our cosmetic packaging manufacturers, our manufacturers should be more practical to follow up the market. 

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